Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Etsy Rage

Hello young Grasshoopers

I recently decided to try to expand my options to pass the love of ragin' on to more of the interwebz

I created an Etsy account to see just how much demand there is for RageHoops

This is a new adventure for me and not sure where to start but I guess getting my store opened was a step in the right direction. I have another shipment of supplies on the way and am going to begin HoopMania on Thursday! 

Festival season is about to kick off with Sasquatch during Memorial Day weekend! If you or someone you know is going and want a toy to play with let me know and get your orders in now... I am bringing the Rage Army with me! 

Places I am selling the hoops:
Etsy - RageHoops Store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/RageHoops
Sundays at the Portland Waterfront Park - come play
May 25-28 - Sasquatch Music Festival
June 22-23 - Paradiso Festival
July 27-29 - WTF Festival
ALWAYS by phone or email

dont be shy
I am flexible with price and design



ragggeee lovin'

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