Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rage Hoops Does Americas Got Talent

Live Beautifully, Dream Passionately

Lately, I have been spending more time subjecting my passion and art to the public. I have started doing a couple of live events around Portland with PopCycle events. When I put myself in front of other people I can sometimes feel a bit vulnerable, but eventually I will loosen up and get in the groove. I can describe how weird it feels when eyes are watching me and that has been a huge challenge for me in my hoop journey. I never realized how much I disliked lone attention. 

I was a cheerleader for 12 years from when I was 6 until I was a Senior in High School, all I ever knew was attention.. but in a team setting. My personality is humble, caring and oblivious ;) My objective is not to seek attention from anyone I just want to enjoy my hobby with the people I love around me. 

Being under those major  lights and cameras all over me, knowing my every move was being watched and judged. It was petrifying and really eye opening experience. Getting attention for something you work very hard at and show a true dedication to that practice is what any artist dreams of, but something inside of me just was not prepared for eyes watching. I am going to keep rockin out at home and work on my skills so next time I can bring the heat full RAGE! 

I practiced as much as I could during finals week but below is a link to the video of my "audition" - ENJOY      

Every experience in life I learn from and I will only grow from this. Nothing great in life has ever been accomplished without passion. 

New 32' rims made for my audition

Love and Light all you ragers out there!