Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We've Only Just Begun

About a year ago, walking through the Portland Saturday Market with my parents, I saw a lady with a beautiful rainbow colored hoop! I asked her to play with the hoop and test it out (click the link to watch)

Hooping Cherry

I obviously wasn't great at first but this sparked something inside of me and knew that I had to get a hoop of my own, she made me my first collapsible hoop. Little did I know this would manifest into a hooping journey and create such an obsession with the sacred circle. I practiced non-stop and learned everything up to this point on my own through feeling the weight of the hoop, trial & error and of course the trusty ole

As I continued to grow and learn, inside a fire was building! Once you get one hoop, you have to get another, and another and another. Next thing I know I have 5 hula hoops, all different sizes from 28"- 38'. Each hoop has its own feeling and the smaller the hoop the more diversity in tricks you can do! I finally decided to invest in a LED hula hoop! My mom and sister let me pick one out for my birthday. Thanks to I received my Glitch hoop! This sparked yet another hoop frenzy!

Wanna Play with some LED - I began to document my growth by recording short clips of me playing with my hoops and posting them to YouTube. The improvements in just a couple of months is remarkable and I hope that it encourages others to learn and grow as well! Its simple and easy! lttlnae YouTube Channel

Learning about the art of hooping has been quite the adventure and my love continues to grow. The hooping community is welcoming, greaceful and all around beautiful! I have decided to give myself a little more creativity to work with. I have begun to create my own circles to share the love to all :)

The purpose of my blog is to share the hoops I have created with the world and anyone that has interest in having a home-made, neon decorated, polypro hula hoop for themselves!

These are the first batch of polypro hula hoops made by me <3 

Sizes are: 36" - 33" - 28"
You can pick your color and your size!
Pricing will vary - email me

Please share this with your friends as I would love to share my love of hooping with others
Have you ever seen any one hooping that wasn't happy? I sure havent
"don't dance to impress, dance to express"

This is my way of expressing myself

O <3 O

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