Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Hoopo


Operation Rage Madness is in full swing

This last Friday night I started to put all of the pieces together to create hoops galore!
There was an explosion of color and tubing all over the living room! 

I have found a way to express my creativity and share with others the way I see the world, brightly colored!

The end resulted in about 10 neon taped sacred circles ready for play

The next day was a rare day in Portland, SUNSHINE! I decided to take the new hoops out for a test hoop
The results were amazing, people of all ages, sizes and skill level wanted to PLAY!

Portland Saturday Market at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Rage Hoops in action

They were a HIT! Instantly the colors and motions were making kids run over to pick up their favorite color and give it a try! What a beautiful sight that was for me! The hoops I created being enjoyed by many! 

Simone - got herself twin 36" Rage Hoops 
She had been trying to get back into hooping and she picked up one of mine and started playing, she fell in love and had to take some Rage home with her :) thank you so much Simone! I hope you are enjoying your new hoops and may they be good to you and your hooping journey! Lets go play! 

The neon tape shows so well in the sunshine - PERK, they even glow in black light ;)

Berta RAGED a little too hard but Hannah and her friend keep the love going :) 
Thank you everyone that came out to play with us on Sunday! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful group of people to share the day and sunshine with! I am so excited to get you all Rage Hoops of your own and showing Portland the love of Ragin'

I had to test out two for myself and they are perfect :) Our new front yard is a great size for some playtime and sunbathing! Double hoops are so much fun and definitely a new challenge Im ready to tackle!

Email me if you have a color/size preference maybe even a twin
Give it a try! Whens a better time to start something new then now
Rage away your day and get good exercise and a healthy soul :)
I am starting a new bundle of hoops today and will have more colors soon so stay tuned

Live. Love. Hoop.



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