Monday, May 21, 2012

Got PolyPro?

Got PolyPro?

In my quest to making hoops, and even my own hooping journey, I have always wondered just which hoop material works the best? 

Your head could begin to spin with all of the different options;
HDPE, PolyPro, psi PE
I couldnt figure out the difference myself, and to be completely honest I thought it was as simple as going to Home Depot to pick up a bunch of black irrigation tubing. Boy was I wrong. For your first hoop, or if you are just wanting a cheap inexpensive way to make yourself a hoop, then the material at a hardware store would be perfect for now to learn on.

As you start to reign in your hoop practice and learning new tricks, this simply wont cut it. 
There are many different websites that offer a wide range of different styles, sizes, weights.
What one works best for you? The answer is not simple, you need to play and see which one you can move the best with your style and body type! 
I'm just here to point you in the right direction for your perfect hoop :)

This chart really nicely displays the dynamics of each plastic used for home made hoops

You can find many of websites that have a preference for each style. 
O.D. = Outer Diameter
I.D. = Inner Diameter
This means that if you have a 1" O.D. then you need a 3/4" I.D. connector (100 psi PE hoop)
The weights you see are really where preference comes from...

PE = 1.4oz
HDPE = 1.0oz
PPE = 0.7oz

The PolyPro tubing is the lightest of the 3 and smallest O.D.
That means these hoops move FAST!

I have been doing some research to try to learn a little more about the materials I am working with, all of the places I have read are in favor of the PolyPro unless you like a little more weight to work with. 
For beginners a heavier hoop is VERY important so you can FEEL the hoop and learn just where on your body the hoop is, but as you get farther in your learning journey you will want a smaller more light weight hoop to help you achieve tricks easier. 

The PolyPro is a naturally clear hoop and super durable and flexible. 
The plastic is ideal for a mild climate and will not be affected by wet or rainy weather 

I think its important to know just what kind of material you are purchasing and if hooping is something you are passionate about then learning a little about the art is always helpful!

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into the world of hoop making and that you have trust that Rage Hoops are very high quality hula hoops made with much care and love. Your best interest is in my heart and I want everyone to have a trusty durable hoop to play with!

A HUGE step for Rage Hoops this weekend as well and I am so thrilled to announce....
Third Eye Shoppe on 40th and Hawthorne are now carrying a select few Rage Hoops
please go check them out and support local products

I am also happy to make them custom for you, so please contact me before they are all gone!

Keep on, Ragin' on
O - May the sacred circle be with you - O

Namaste. Hoop. Love. 



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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog Henry. This was posted years ago when I Was making lots of hoops! .. I also noticed you linked to ... they are a wonderful shop that makes quality hoops! Again, thanks for reading.