Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rage Hoops Does Americas Got Talent

Live Beautifully, Dream Passionately

Lately, I have been spending more time subjecting my passion and art to the public. I have started doing a couple of live events around Portland with PopCycle events. When I put myself in front of other people I can sometimes feel a bit vulnerable, but eventually I will loosen up and get in the groove. I can describe how weird it feels when eyes are watching me and that has been a huge challenge for me in my hoop journey. I never realized how much I disliked lone attention. 

I was a cheerleader for 12 years from when I was 6 until I was a Senior in High School, all I ever knew was attention.. but in a team setting. My personality is humble, caring and oblivious ;) My objective is not to seek attention from anyone I just want to enjoy my hobby with the people I love around me. 

Being under those major  lights and cameras all over me, knowing my every move was being watched and judged. It was petrifying and really eye opening experience. Getting attention for something you work very hard at and show a true dedication to that practice is what any artist dreams of, but something inside of me just was not prepared for eyes watching. I am going to keep rockin out at home and work on my skills so next time I can bring the heat full RAGE! 

I practiced as much as I could during finals week but below is a link to the video of my "audition" - ENJOY      

Every experience in life I learn from and I will only grow from this. Nothing great in life has ever been accomplished without passion. 

New 32' rims made for my audition

Love and Light all you ragers out there!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Got LED?

Gimme the Lights

On September 25, 2012 I was featured as the Photo of the Day on Hooping.org 

This is one of my hoop dreams come true! Ever since the first day I picked up my happy circle of light I had always wanted to become a part of the website. I would scroll post after post, admiring the beautiful hoopers and the insight they had to share with the rest of the community. Pulling inspiration any way I could. I said to myself, "One day I will be on this website!" It was a true honor and complete surprise that they wanted to use a picture of me! I was ECSTATIC!

This all started when I did my first performance with PopCyclePDX - I met so many people that would ultimately help get my on my hooping feet! I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to be doing what I love to do in front of people that cared to watch me stumble my way through. 

The photographer that took this picture, Cody Augustine, asked if I needed any pictures done and I had been looking for someone to get some awesome shots of the LED hoop!
What I got was more than I ever imagined could happen! They turned out BEAUTIFUL!

We went to the Keller Fountain in Portland, OR and we took pictures until we got over 250 shots with beautifully colored traces of light!

I used both of my LED's:

Cody got right to work and chose some of the best shots (they were all dazzling) and sent me all of the pictures for me to use as I wanted! He then posted the brightened photos on his Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cody10414/8005962032/in/photostream/

SOMEHOW Hooping.Org caught a glimpse of the photos of me and chose one to feature on their site! 
Cody and I couldn't believe it! Something we did just for fun actually got some attention and he deserved to have some rad shots featured on one of the biggest websites in the hooping community!

All in all I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Cody Augustine for taking these beautiful shots, I am so glad that we could share some 5minute of fame glory together! Looking forward to another session (pppsssttt... I have another LED hoop on the way) 

and THANK YOU HOOPING.ORG for bringing such light, joy, inspiration and happiness to the hooping community! 
Your website is like the bible for some of us and keep the posts coming!

HAPPY HOOPING - Love and Light - RageHoops 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Got PolyPro?

Got PolyPro?

In my quest to making hoops, and even my own hooping journey, I have always wondered just which hoop material works the best? 

Your head could begin to spin with all of the different options;
HDPE, PolyPro, psi PE
I couldnt figure out the difference myself, and to be completely honest I thought it was as simple as going to Home Depot to pick up a bunch of black irrigation tubing. Boy was I wrong. For your first hoop, or if you are just wanting a cheap inexpensive way to make yourself a hoop, then the material at a hardware store would be perfect for now to learn on.

As you start to reign in your hoop practice and learning new tricks, this simply wont cut it. 
There are many different websites that offer a wide range of different styles, sizes, weights.
What one works best for you? The answer is not simple, you need to play and see which one you can move the best with your style and body type! 
I'm just here to point you in the right direction for your perfect hoop :)

This chart really nicely displays the dynamics of each plastic used for home made hoops

You can find many of websites that have a preference for each style. 
O.D. = Outer Diameter
I.D. = Inner Diameter
This means that if you have a 1" O.D. then you need a 3/4" I.D. connector (100 psi PE hoop)
The weights you see are really where preference comes from...

PE = 1.4oz
HDPE = 1.0oz
PPE = 0.7oz

The PolyPro tubing is the lightest of the 3 and smallest O.D.
That means these hoops move FAST!

I have been doing some research to try to learn a little more about the materials I am working with, all of the places I have read are in favor of the PolyPro unless you like a little more weight to work with. 
For beginners a heavier hoop is VERY important so you can FEEL the hoop and learn just where on your body the hoop is, but as you get farther in your learning journey you will want a smaller more light weight hoop to help you achieve tricks easier. 

The PolyPro is a naturally clear hoop and super durable and flexible. 
The plastic is ideal for a mild climate and will not be affected by wet or rainy weather 

I think its important to know just what kind of material you are purchasing and if hooping is something you are passionate about then learning a little about the art is always helpful!

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into the world of hoop making and that you have trust that Rage Hoops are very high quality hula hoops made with much care and love. Your best interest is in my heart and I want everyone to have a trusty durable hoop to play with!

A HUGE step for Rage Hoops this weekend as well and I am so thrilled to announce....
Third Eye Shoppe on 40th and Hawthorne are now carrying a select few Rage Hoops
please go check them out and support local products

I am also happy to make them custom for you, so please contact me before they are all gone!

Keep on, Ragin' on
O - May the sacred circle be with you - O

Namaste. Hoop. Love. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Etsy Rage

Hello young Grasshoopers

I recently decided to try to expand my options to pass the love of ragin' on to more of the interwebz

I created an Etsy account to see just how much demand there is for RageHoops

This is a new adventure for me and not sure where to start but I guess getting my store opened was a step in the right direction. I have another shipment of supplies on the way and am going to begin HoopMania on Thursday! 

Festival season is about to kick off with Sasquatch during Memorial Day weekend! If you or someone you know is going and want a toy to play with let me know and get your orders in now... I am bringing the Rage Army with me! 

Places I am selling the hoops:
Etsy - RageHoops Store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/RageHoops
Sundays at the Portland Waterfront Park - come play
May 25-28 - Sasquatch Music Festival
June 22-23 - Paradiso Festival
July 27-29 - WTF Festival
ALWAYS by phone or email

dont be shy
I am flexible with price and design



ragggeee lovin'

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Hoopo


Operation Rage Madness is in full swing

This last Friday night I started to put all of the pieces together to create hoops galore!
There was an explosion of color and tubing all over the living room! 

I have found a way to express my creativity and share with others the way I see the world, brightly colored!

The end resulted in about 10 neon taped sacred circles ready for play

The next day was a rare day in Portland, SUNSHINE! I decided to take the new hoops out for a test hoop
The results were amazing, people of all ages, sizes and skill level wanted to PLAY!

Portland Saturday Market at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Rage Hoops in action

They were a HIT! Instantly the colors and motions were making kids run over to pick up their favorite color and give it a try! What a beautiful sight that was for me! The hoops I created being enjoyed by many! 

Simone - got herself twin 36" Rage Hoops 
She had been trying to get back into hooping and she picked up one of mine and started playing, she fell in love and had to take some Rage home with her :) thank you so much Simone! I hope you are enjoying your new hoops and may they be good to you and your hooping journey! Lets go play! 

The neon tape shows so well in the sunshine - PERK, they even glow in black light ;)

Berta RAGED a little too hard but Hannah and her friend keep the love going :) 
Thank you everyone that came out to play with us on Sunday! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful group of people to share the day and sunshine with! I am so excited to get you all Rage Hoops of your own and showing Portland the love of Ragin'

I had to test out two for myself and they are perfect :) Our new front yard is a great size for some playtime and sunbathing! Double hoops are so much fun and definitely a new challenge Im ready to tackle!

Email me if you have a color/size preference maybe even a twin
Give it a try! Whens a better time to start something new then now
Rage away your day and get good exercise and a healthy soul :)
I am starting a new bundle of hoops today and will have more colors soon so stay tuned

Live. Love. Hoop.



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We've Only Just Begun

About a year ago, walking through the Portland Saturday Market with my parents, I saw a lady with a beautiful rainbow colored hoop! I asked her to play with the hoop and test it out (click the link to watch)

Hooping Cherry

I obviously wasn't great at first but this sparked something inside of me and knew that I had to get a hoop of my own, she made me my first collapsible hoop. Little did I know this would manifest into a hooping journey and create such an obsession with the sacred circle. I practiced non-stop and learned everything up to this point on my own through feeling the weight of the hoop, trial & error and of course the trusty ole YouTube.com

As I continued to grow and learn, inside a fire was building! Once you get one hoop, you have to get another, and another and another. Next thing I know I have 5 hula hoops, all different sizes from 28"- 38'. Each hoop has its own feeling and the smaller the hoop the more diversity in tricks you can do! I finally decided to invest in a LED hula hoop! My mom and sister let me pick one out for my birthday. Thanks to MoodHoops.com I received my Glitch hoop! This sparked yet another hoop frenzy!

Wanna Play with some LED - I began to document my growth by recording short clips of me playing with my hoops and posting them to YouTube. The improvements in just a couple of months is remarkable and I hope that it encourages others to learn and grow as well! Its simple and easy! lttlnae YouTube Channel

Learning about the art of hooping has been quite the adventure and my love continues to grow. The hooping community is welcoming, greaceful and all around beautiful! I have decided to give myself a little more creativity to work with. I have begun to create my own circles to share the love to all :)

The purpose of my blog is to share the hoops I have created with the world and anyone that has interest in having a home-made, neon decorated, polypro hula hoop for themselves!

These are the first batch of polypro hula hoops made by me <3 

Sizes are: 36" - 33" - 28"
You can pick your color and your size!
Pricing will vary - email me

Please share this with your friends as I would love to share my love of hooping with others
Have you ever seen any one hooping that wasn't happy? I sure havent
"don't dance to impress, dance to express"

This is my way of expressing myself

O <3 O